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Today has been a landmark day for expose.yourself. In addition to being listed on blogwise.com, expose.yourself has also received its first submission. The photo comes to us from an anonymous contributor.

If water flowing gently over full and beautiful breasts doesn't inspire viewers to want to share their own beauty, then what will? Please contribute by emailing photos to expose.yourself@gmail.com.



Good news; expose.yourself has been added to blogwise.com. I hope that this will increase traffic... maybe somebody will even make a submission. If you would like to submit a photo and share your beauty with the world please send your photo to expose.yourself@gmail.com



I have yet to receive any submissions but I do have a couple of links that I would like to share with anybody who may stumble across this site.

Firstly, I would like to recommend that you visit qui_parle / sarah on flickr.com . The photos on qui_parle's site were taken using a Sanyo cellphone, however, she has been able to capture the magic and beauty that his her.

Secondly, I recently stumbled across PornQuest.com. The images here are far more of the amateur porn variety. However, I can't imagine how one could discount the beauty of this site. For me the beauty is on two levels. Firstly, there are a lot of beautiful bodies to be viewed here. Secondly, there is something strangely beautiful about the lust and passion that some of these images exhibit. Lastly, there is something interesting about a forum dedicated to monogamous amateur porn (yes, monogamous - for further details visit the site).

In absence of submissions I feel that providing some links is about the best that I can do. If you are interested in this blog and ensuring it's success please help me by submitting images and by sharing the URL with others who are entranced with the beauty of our bodies.



expose.yourself has been added to blogscanada.ca

It has been about a week since expose.yourself first appeared online. Thus far I have not received any submissions to share with you (and as such have felt little reason to update). However, expose.yourself has been added to the blogscanada.ca blog directory. I can only hope that this will increase visitation, which will in turn inspire readers to submit photos and share their beauty with the world.

Submitted photos do not have to be "artistic" or of professional caliber; sometimes beauty is a little out of focus. Submitted photos may range from abstract close-up images to images of your entire body. expose.yourself is being created as a forum where readers can exhibit their beautiful bodies for the world to see; however, that does depend on reader submissions. If you are reading this please consider submitting... and please consider sharing expose.yourself with those who you feel may be interested in sharing their beauty and enjoying the beauty of others.




Welcome to expose.yourself

Welcome to expose.yourself.

I hope to, over the next few weeks, create a space where we can enjoy our own bodies as well as the bodies of friends and strangers. The idea for this site comes from my interest/obsession with people. I am amazed by the way we act and interact with the people and things around us. I am enamored with the inherent beauty of the human body. I am generally fascinated with people.

My idea is simple; I ask that you send me photos of them and I will post those photos, so that everybody can enjoy your beauty. However, there are a few rules:

1 - I reserve the right to post or to refuse to post any image. My decisions may appear to be arbitrary, but they are absolute. If I am uncomfortable with an image or feel that others may be uncomfortable then that image will not appear on expose.yourself.

2 - Please do not submit photos, which are copyrighted by any individual other than you. Photo credits can be provided for all submitted photos. If you wish to have your submitted photos credited to your name (real or assumed) please indicate with your submission. If you do not indicate that you wish to be credited the photos will be credited to "Anonymous". Also, in the event that you find a photo that you created but did not submit please contact the photo and me will be removed if you so desire (or be properly credited).

3 - Please do not submit any photos which are illegal or of poor taste. Those individuals who choose to submit material that is illegal will be reported to the proper authorities.

A few other comments:

Beauty expresses itself in many forms, and I hope that expose.yourself will showcase the entire spectrum of beauty, which the human body can exhibit. It doesn't matter if you are male or female. Race does not determine beauty nor does age (so long as you are of legal age - if there is any doubt your submission will not be posted).

You can expose as much or as little of your body as you wish to share - if you think that you have a great ass, great legs or any other beautiful feature please submit a photo and share your beauty with the world.

If you have comments that you wish to have included with the submitted photos please let me know and I will be sure to include them. Also, if you have a website or blog that you wish to have linked to from expose.yourself please let me know and I will try to do so.

The success of expose.yourself will depend on submissions. Please contribute and share your beauty. We all make the world a more beautiful place.